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Windows Doctor Full Version With Serial

Windows Doctor Full Version With Serial

Windows Doctor is a comprehensive PC care utility that can help you easily protect, maintain and optimize your computer. It provides an all-in-one solution foryour PC’s daily maintenance and protection.

Choosing Windows Doctor, you no longer have to invest big money on various kinds of software programs. Your computer can also be clean, with only one necessary maintenance utility installed, i.e, Windows Doctor.
What benefits will Windows Doctor bring you?

  • Protect your Windows from security threats

  • Windows Doctor will protect your system by locating and fixing all the system vulnerabilities in your computer for you. With Windows Doctor, you can turn your system strong and robust against Trojans and spyware all the time.

  • Speed up your system and internet access by 100%

  • By tuning-up your Windows, Windows Doctor can significantly boost your system and internet speed.

  • Optimize your system and improve efficiency

  • Windows Doctor provides an all-around optimization of your system so that the overall PC performance can be highly improved.

  • Clean historic traces to protect your privacies

  • No more worries about your privacies being disclosed. Windows Doctor is able to clean all the traces you left on a computer.

  • Fix dozens kinds of PC errors to make your computer run smoothly

  • Most PC errors are caused by invalid registry entries. By cleaning and optimizing your Windows registry, Windows Doctor can make your PC error free.

  • Clean up all the junks in your system and free valuable disk space

  • Junk files and Windows temp files can occupy a large portion of hard drive space and affect computer performance. Windows Doctor can quickly detect and wipe away all the junks on your computer.

  • Easy recovery of lost or deleted data

  • Accidentally deleted an important file permanently? Windows Doctor can find it back! The new data recovery feature in Windows Doctor can easily locate your lost or deleted files and help you get them back. It’s FREE!

  • More FREE but useful tools to help you manage your system and files.

  • In addition to Disk Cleaner and Data Recovery, Windows Doctor now provides more free but very useful tools as a thank you for your support, including Disk Analyzer, File Shredder, File Copy, File Splitter, Memory Defrag, Registry Defrag, and Auto Shutdown.

  • Absolutely safe

  • Windows Doctor is 100% safe with no spyware or adware. Having been comprehensively tested in the environments of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, Windows Doctor is safe to run in above Windows systems.


Download Windows Doctor Full Here:


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